Superbad! The Best of Tyree Glenn Jr.

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2020 07 24

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    A1 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. & Brain Damage (13) Kool And The Gang 4:53

    A2 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. & Brain Damage (13) Ain't Gonna Bump No More 5:21

    A3 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. & Brain Damage (13) The Cisco Kid 6:24

    A4 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. & Brain Damage (13) Vehicle 3:18

    B1 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. Marler Eintopf (Deutsch) 3:33

    B2 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. Superbad 3:52

    B3 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. Ma(r)l Sehen 3:17

    B4 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. S.O.S. 3:30

    B5 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. Jealous Love 2:55

    B6 –Tyree Glenn, Jr. Beautiful Woman 3:03

    Bonus 45rpm Single

    A –Tyree Glenn, Jr. & The Fabulous Imperials Hold My Hand 2:25

    B –Tyree Glenn, Jr. & The Fabulous Imperials Yesterday 2:20


    Tramp Records, in collaboration with Tyree Glenn, Jr., proudly present “SUPERBAD!”

    Sticker on front reads:

    - initial 300 vinyl LPs come with a BONUS 7” single

    - incl. full album download code

    - incl. 5x8” photo of Tyree Glenn & The Fabulous Imperials

    Hello Everybody, 

    I hope that you will have as much enjoyment from my music here as I had performing it!! I would like at this time to give you a little "History" of myself and as to how I came to love the music that I play! Coming from a "Musical Family"; my father was Tyree Glenn, Musical Director and Trombonist with Louis Armstrong and played with the likes of Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington among others and my brother, Roger Glenn, a very "Talented Musician" in his own right, it was not difficult for me to be "Influenced" and get into "Show Business" as a Musician and Entertainer! My early years in the "Fifties" were spent playing the Saxophone with my "Teenage Band" in New Jersey and later, after 4 years at Marietta College in Ohio, in the "New York City Area" in the "Sixties"! As the song goes: "IF YOU CAN MAKE IT THERE, YOU CAN MAKE IT ANY WHERE" which I did and it was in New York City where I got my "Musical Education" which would become a part of me for the rest of my life! In the "Mid-Sixties", I was offered a "Partnership" in a Night Club in the Algarve Portugal and readily accepted the chance to perform "In My Own Club"! Moving on to Lisbon after a few successful years in the Algarve, I performed in TV and recorded records there in Lisbon! By the way, I played Professional Basketball for "Benfica Lisboa" which was and remains to this day, my "Big Love for Basketball" and was to be a big part of my life! From Lisbon, I eventually went on to live and play in Italy in the early Seventies with Rocky Roberts. Returning to Lisbon in the mid-Seventies, I worked with my buddy from my "New York City Days", the very talented "Singer & Entertainer" Wayne Bartlett, and we formed the "Duo": "Wayne & Tyree" and performed in the Casinos in Portugal! We accepted an offer to perform our show in Germany and as things worked out, I have been living and playing my music here since 1976! I have enjoyed bringing my "R&B" to everyone and showing just a little bit of how it was performing "R&B" in NYC back in the "Sixties"! I hope that you will enjoy this Compilation of my work here in Germany from the past years and I would especially like to thank Tramp Records for making this record possible and being a "True R&B Fan" of Tyree Glenn Jr. and my Music! 

    Tyree Glenn, Jr. (April 2020 - Stay Safe)