Funkadelic, Let's Take It To The Stage

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    A1 Good To Your Earhole 4:30

    A2 Better By The Pound 2:40

    A3 Be My Beach 2:35

    A4 No Head, No Backstage Pass 2:36

    A5 Let's Take It To The Stage 3:32

    A6 Get Off Your Ass And Jam 2:00

    B1 I Owe You Something Good 5:43

    B2 Stuffs & Things 2:11

    B3 The Song Is Familiar 3:05

    B4 Atmosphere 7:05


    Funkadelic add Bootsy Collins to the line-up and start toget more funky, as the classic P-Funk sound comes to the fore on the outrageous ‘Better By The Pound’ and ‘Be My Beach’.


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