Phil Ranelin, Vibes From The Tribe

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1976 => 2022

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    A1 Vibes From The Tribe (Prelude) 3:35
    A2 Sounds From The Village 3:44
    A3 Wife 5:54
    A4 For The Children 5:19
    A5 Vibes From The Tribe (Encore) 0:56
    B He The One We All Knew (Parts 1 & 2) 18:05


    The Tribe co-founder’s masterpiece, lacquered directly from his master tapes in an all analog transfer by Bernie Grundman.
    The definitive reissue of this Spiritual Jazz album, one of the most sought after artifacts of the 1970s jazz underground.
    The Tribe label, one of the brightest lights of America’s 1970s jazz underground, receives the Now-Again reissue treatment. This is your chance to indulge in the music and story of one of the most meaningful, local movements of the 20th Century Black American experience, one that expanded outwards towards the cosmos. In the words of the collective themselves, “Music is the healing force of the universe.”
    Included in an extensive, oversized booklet, Larry Gabriel and Jeff “Chairman” Mao take us through the history of the Tribe, in a compelling story that delves not just into the history of the label and its principals, but into the story of Black American empowerment in the latter half of the 20th Century.
    The booklet features never-before-seen archival photos and rare ephemera from Tribe’s mid-1970s heyday.