Sky Dust Drifter

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2022 03 25

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    Michael Andrews - Something Bad’s Better Than Nothin’

    Black Water - All Night Company

    The Reason

    Sky Dust Drifter

    Sunburst - Special Lady

    Virgil Charles Mashburn - Why Should It Be

    Randy Ream - Divorce Song

    Ray Daly - Leave Me Alone

    Richard Spano - After So Long

    Kerry - Stargazer


    Featuring a selection of songs sourced from rare records of the 70s & 80s reissued for the first time.     

    Follow up compilation to the critically acclaimed Forager Records release Belong To The Wind                               

    10 restored and remastered tracks from 10 obscure artists   

    Premium case wrapped style sleeves for a period correct look & feel.                                   

    Original artwork by Arina Kokoreva

    An anthology born out of isolation and deep introspection, Sky Dust Drifter is a cosmic medley of sun-soaked AOR, psychedelic folk, and soft rock. This soundtrack was driven by the lonesome cowboy, a lockdown savior leaving me adrift in desert winds and dimly lit country bars.

    Long-distance trades and masked meetups yielded a collection of private press LPs and 45s from ten different artists spanning 1973 to 1980. This seemingly random stack of records revealed songs living entangled in themes of hard luck, heartache, and the inevitable loneliness of existence. Adorned in cracked leather and chrome, this album is an aimless wander from the soil to the stars.

    Featuring an unreleased English version of the compilation’s title track “Sky Dust Drifter,” (originally released only in Hebrew), the record shifts from laconic afterthoughts to bold proclamations. From Michael Andrews’ blue-eyed soul assertion “Something Bad’s Better Than Nothin’,” to the searing electric guitars and bold synths of Sunburst’s “Special Lady,” Sky Dust Drifter thrives on solitude in a universe of unconditional self-rule where loneliness is not darkness but rather a blazing light of autonomy.

    Original artwork by Arina Kokoreva