The Story of Zamrock! (BOXSET)

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    Episode One

    The Witch – Introduction
    A1 The Witch*– Introduction
    A2 The Witch*– Home Town (Instrumental)
    A3 The Witch*– You Better Know
    A4 The Witch*– Feeling High
    A5 The Witch*– Like A Chicken
    B1 The Witch*– See Your Mama
    B2 The Witch*– That's What I Want
    B3 The Witch*– Try Me (Instrumental)
    B4 The Witch*– No Time
    B5 The Witch*– I've Been Away For Too Long

    Amanaz – Africa
    C1 Amanaz– Amanaz
    C2 Amanaz– I Am Very Far
    C3 Amanaz– Sunday Morning
    C4 Amanaz– Khala My Friend
    C5 Amanaz– History Of Man
    C6 Amanaz– Nsunka Lwendo
    D1 Amanaz– Africa
    D2 Amanaz– Green Apple
    D3 Amanaz– Making The Scene
    D4 Amanaz– Easy Street
    D5 Amanaz– Big Enough
    D6 Amanaz– Kale

    Episode Two

    Ngozi Family ‎– 45,000 Volts
    E1 Ngozi Family– Nizakupanga Ngozi
    E2 Ngozi Family– Everything Is Over
    E3 Ngozi Family– I'll Be With U
    E4 Ngozi Family– Atate
    E5 Ngozi Family– U Don't Love Me
    F1 Ngozi Family– House Of Fear
    F2 Ngozi Family– Timwenge
    F3 Ngozi Family– Hold On
    F4 Ngozi Family– Tichenjele

    Ricky Banda ‎– Niwanji Walwa Amwishyo
    G1 Ricky Banda– Who's That Guy?
    G2 Ricky Banda– Niwanji Walwa
    G3 Ricky Banda– Pano Calo Chapanshi
    G4 Ricky Banda– Musaniseke Vigamba
    G5 Ricky Banda– Yangu E Mwebaleya
    H1 Ricky Banda– Let's Get Up Brothers
    H2 Ricky Banda– I Believe The Man In The Sky
    H3 Ricky Banda– Mavuto
    H4 Ricky Banda– Fwebana Zambia
    H5 Ricky Banda– Away From Home

    Episode Three

    Crossbones ‎– Wise Man
    I1 Crossbones (7)– Lizi
    I2 Crossbones (7)– Fever
    I3 Crossbones (7)– Say That You Love Me
    I4 Crossbones (7)– You Always Get Me Wrong
    I5 Crossbones (7)– Mavuto
    I6 Crossbones (7)– Wiseman
    J1 Crossbones (7)– Rain & Sunshine
    J2 Crossbones (7)– Mweba Lume Bandi
    J3 Crossbones (7)– Highway
    J4 Crossbones (7)– Your Mama Hates Me
    J5 Crossbones (7)– Really
    J6 Crossbones (7)– Easy

    Fireballs ‎– Dots
    K1 Fireballs (3)– Nanvela Bwino
    K2 Fireballs (3)– Fwebekala Chalo
    K3 Fireballs (3)– Dots
    K4 Fireballs (3)– Chomba
    L1 Fireballs (3)– Amaama
    L2 Fireballs (3)– You Can Fool No One
    L3 Fireballs (3)– Chinshele
    L4 Fireballs (3)– Instrumental
    L5 Fireballs (3)– Oiyeelelo

    Episode Four

    5 Revolutions ‎– I'm A Free Man
    M1 5 Revolutions– Adaka Mwapulumuka Kunjala
    M2 5 Revolutions– Feeling All Right
    M3 5 Revolutions– You Don't Know Me
    M4 5 Revolutions– I'm A Free Man
    M5 5 Revolutions– Greetings
    N1 5 Revolutions– Carol
    N2 5 Revolutions– Respect Yourself
    N3 5 Revolutions– Kulemela Kwa Bambo Wanga
    N4 5 Revolutions– Mbulazi

    The Oscillations ‎– I Can See It Coming
    O1 The Oscillations– Request To God
    O2 The Oscillations– Kapande
    O3 The Oscillations– Going Under
    O4 The Oscillations– Boogaloo With A Feeling
    P1 The Oscillations– Tisinsile Mwana
    P2 The Oscillations– Death Has Come Today
    P3 The Oscillations– I Am A Lover
    P4 The Oscillations– I See It Come (I Can See It Coming)



    All 8 albums in this Anthology were lovingly remastered & restored from the original masters by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, and pressed on heavyweight 180 gram black vinyl, these albums have never sounded better than they do in this box set. Includes include a Zamrock die-cut sticker, an Amanaz button and a 24-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes by Calum MacNaughton of Strawberry Rain Music and newly unearthed photos.

    -WITCH - Introduction (1973, original private press version)
    Archival reissue of the private-press, first issue of the album that launched the Zamrock movement in 1972. Completely different recordings of the songs from the better-known Zambia Music Parlour album. Originally pressed in a run of just a few hundred copies and sold by the band at their live shows, this is the first ever reissue of this garage-rock masterpiece

    -Amanaz - Africa (1975)
    Archival reissue of the album that perfectly articulates the Zamrock ethos – made by freedom fighters, coming from the mines, rocking hard. Featuring “Khala My Friend”

    -Ricky Banda - Niwanji Walwa Amwishyo (1976)
    Archival reissue of a dark, moody, introspective album by the mysterious Ricky Banda, a compatriot and bandmate of Rikki Ililonga and Dr. Footswitch. A welcome addition to the Zamrock canon, and a wonderful discovery for fans of WITCH and Amanaz.

    -CrossBones - Wise Man (1976)
    Archival reissue of the perfect Zamrock record, one that runs the gamut from psychedelic to folk to firey garage.

    -5 Revolutions - I'm A Free Man (1976)
    Archival reissue of the album by the great Zamrock band that transitioned from the 70s rock era to the 80s Kalindula and became stars. Heavy, garage, groovy, deep.

    -Ngozi Family - 45,000 Volts (1977)
    Archival reissue of Paul Ngozi’s hard-edged, proto-punk, mid-1970s Zamrock masterwork. Featuring Chrissy Zebby Tembo.

    -Fireballs - Dots (1978)
    Zamrock meets funk album from one of the scene’s best, if most obscured, bands.

    -Oscillations - I Can See It Coming (1978)
    Archival reissue of the dark prog Zamrock album by the great guitarist Victor Kasoma